• Restaurants use the Sustainable Seafood Calculator to understand the sustainability of their seafood offerings in real time. Chefs display their list(s) in the back of house to provide front of house staff with up-to-date seafood sustainability information. 
  • Front of house staff can then accurately communicate this information to diners by referring to printed out reports. 
  • Restaurants can also send their reports to their suppliers directly from their Seafood Calculator report page for assistance in improving their offerings or gathering information about products.
  • All accounts are password protected and can be accessed at anytime. 

"We are committed to our sustainability practices and being able to utilize the seafood calculator has been a beneficial tool for our chefs." - Sheila Lucero, Executive Chef, Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar

"Overall the calculator is a very user-friendly tool. The usage and metrics have been simple and fun to work with." - Brad Luckinbill, General Manage, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


  • Distributors use the Sustainable Seafood Calculator to display and track the sustainability of the seafood products they are selling to their customers. Providing this extra layer of information has been shown to add value to customer accounts with little effort. 
  • Distributors can download, print, and email the seafood lists directly to customers. 
  • The Seafood Calculator also helps distributors identify and source more sustainable seafood options by connecting them with information on 

"The Seafood Calculator is a valuable and straightforward tool that makes it easy for Seattle Fish Company to deliver up to date information to our customers and allow them to drive real change." - Derek Figueroa, Chief Operating Officer, Seattle Fish Company


  • Retail outlets use the Sustainable Seafood Calculator as a resource to answer staff and customer sustainability questions. Lists can be printed to help educate counter staff and customers on their seafood products.