Getting Started


  • The Sustainable Seafood Calculator is a free tool for chefs, restaurants, and distributors to track the sustainability of their seafood offerings.
  • The tool allows users to add seafood products to customized list(s) and then determines the sustainability of their products in real time.

Create a Free Account

  • Registration is free and the process only takes a few minutes.
  • All accounts are private and password protected.* 
  • You can create your free account here. 

Create a List and Add Items

  • Once you have registered, you have immediate access to create a seafood list and add seafood items.
  • Users can select products by selecting product name, catch location, and catch methods from a series of dropdowns and search functions. 
  • Users can customize items by adding sourcing details, product descriptions, and weekly volume amounts to their products.
  • Any lists you create or seafood products entered into the SSC are automatically saved by the system for future access. 


Calculate Your Sustainable Seafood

  • When you are done adding items to your list, you can run your report which will determine the sustainability of your seafood and suggest improvements if applicable.
  • This report can be saved, downloaded, emailed, and printed for sharing with others.


More Information

  • For more information on how to create your account and seafood list(s) please visit our Tutorial page.


*We do not share your seafood lists and products without the consent of the user. Any data or information that may be shared is not attributed to any individual user. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch partners will have their seafood lists and products reviewed by their program administrator.