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Wild Edibles, Inc.
Distributor, Wholesaler

Wild Edibles, Inc. is a seafood wholesaler, retailer, and oyster bar and restaurant in the greater New York City area. Wild Edibles started providing fresh finfish and shellfish to the people of New York in 1992. Originally making deliveries out of their own cars, Wild Edibles has since expanded into three different retail locations throughout New York. Wild Edibles has also grown their product line over time to include an array of customer requested products and seasonal specialties. 

In 2007 they re-launched their Murray Hill retail location as Wild Edibles Oyster Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant serves bass, yellowfin tuna, and a variety of other boat-fresh finfish and carries a wide selection of East Coast oysters. 

Wild Edibles is concerned with the issues surrounding seafood sustainability and has been working in partnership with ocean conservation leaders since 2006. Using scientific and strict criteria, Wild Edibles has been working with their vendors and fishermen to source sustainably harvested fish. Wild Edibles is happy to help their customers make informed decisions on the seafood they purchase and believes that we can make a difference that will guarantee the future of the ocean's most valuable resources.

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Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Delivery available via Wild Edibles, Inc. in the New York Metropolitan Area. Air freight delivery available via UPS in the United States.