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White Creek Farms of Indiana, LLC

White Creek Farms of Indiana is a family owned business established in 2012 specializing in farm-raised rainbow trout. Located in south-central Indiana on 150 year old farm land, White Creek Farms passion lies in delivering fresh, farm-raised fish to local markets in Indiana.

The rainbow trout at White Creek Farms are raised in an enclosed hybrid recirculating aquaculture system, free of chemicals and antibiotics, which is the key to the healthy, and delicious fish that the farm is known for. From the nursery onward, the trout are fed a premium diet, and are kept in water temperatures of 55-65° Fahrenheit until they reach maturity and an average size of 32 ounces.

White Creek Farms takes great care in making sure that all fish from egg to adulthood are fed and monitored every day by real people that care about how your food is raised. Committed to utilizing sustainable aquaculture practices, the farm has membership and affiliations with the Indiana Aquaculture Association, an organization which promotes, markets, educates, and nurtures aquaculture and research in Indiana.

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Live, whole/packed on ice. Delivery in Indiana.

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Rainbow Trout
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Indiana, USA
RAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System
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