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Wakame Fresh Limited
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Founded in 2012 off the waters of New Zealand’s North Island, Wakame Fresh Limited is a small family-owned and operated farm and exporter dedicated to growing organic and sustainable wakame. Wakame Fresh Limited produces a single wakame product – “Wakame Fresh.” All their wakame are hand harvested from the waters off the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, undergo minimal processing, and are delivered vacuum sealed and frozen. Not only does this seal in the freshness of their wakame, but also allows chefs the opportunity to develop their own unique wakame dishes. 

Wakame Fresh Limited has a single processing facility and employs rigorous standards to ensure their wakame product is of the highest quality. Their product is distributed through one US-based distributor partner,  Lee Fish USA. Lee Fish shares Wakame Fresh Limited’s values to sustainability and quality. Their product is currently available in New Zealand and they are excited to share and introduce Wakame Fresh to customers throughout the United States.

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