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VeroBlue Farms
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Iowa-based VeroBlue Farms is an aquaculture farm specializing in barramundi, selling it under their own brand, America’s Sea Bass™. The barramundi are grown in an environmentally-friendly setting which allows for the consistent production of a quality, fresh, sustainable product year-round. Their farm is able to provide fish products with such great taste and texture to customers because of the innovative, proprietary system they employ.

The system revolves around three natural elements: air, water, and care. VeroBlue uses controlled recirculation tanks to mimic a natural current which allows the fish to stay active and healthy. The company’s aquaculture system puts minimal stress on the world’s water supply - their water is drawn from local wells and captured via rainwater from its facilities’ roofs. As the water is used in the farm’s process, it is constantly filtered and is returned, nutrient-rich, back to the tanks. The self-contained aquaculture system VeroBlue uses also affords the company the ability to provide great care to its animals, the environment, and the community.

VeroBlue understands the importance that sustainable products have for today’s consumers and operating a sustainable aquaculture system is one of the company’s main driving forces. Through their active partnerships with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and Fishwise, they have further demonstrated their commitment to sustainable aquaculture. VeroBlue Farms is proud to be able to offer farm-to-table seafood and strives to bring its sustainable processes to higher levels as the company continues to grow.

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Delivery via truck in the upper Midwest.

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Iowa, USA
RAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System
400 lbs