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Tropic Frozen Foods
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Tropic Frozen Foods, in business for more than 20 years, owns and operates a seafood processing plant in Sri Lanka and specializes in yellowfin tuna. In addition to their wholesale seafood selection, Tropic Frozen Foods offers a full line of frozen foods. Their vertically integrated supply chain allows them to provide customers the widest variety of products at very competitive pricing. 

With the advantage of both on-site and offshore processing capabilities, they are able to satisfy all of their customers seafood needs. The company's success over the years is unquestionably attributed to their impeccable reputation for quality and their unwavering commitment to service. Tropic Frozen Foods is registered with the USFDA and confirms that the processing and packing of their yellowfin tuna is in accordance with regulations. We have a system in place that allows us to communicate and be aware of new regulations.

Tropic Frozen Foods only uses long-line fish as raw material. They ensure full traceability, from the catching vessel to the final product. Purse seine netted and gill netted products are not used in any of our factories. Purse seining in Sri Lankan waters is actually prohibited by law.  Tropic Frozen Foods employs methods that ensure all fishing is turtle, dolphin, and bird friendly. They only process fish caught through deep-sea fishing and surface long-line methods to prevent seabird fatalities. Their lines are carried out into deep waters, away from reefs and rocks, to avoid catching sharks and turtles. Dolphin catches are not recorded, as long-line fishing methods do not attract them. 

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