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Caught aboard the F/V Thunder, young fishermen and co-founders Captain Taran White and Kara Berlin take pride supplying direct and wholesale customers alike with the finest sustainable, traceable, wild Alaskan salmon from deck to dish.


Caught in the abundant waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska's most sustainably-managed sockeye fishery, their salmon are individually hand harvested using the highest standards. With diligent care and dedication to excellence, each fish is caught fresh, bled, chilled, hand selected, filleted and immediately frozen fresh - resulting in a product that is superior quality.


Thunder's Catch not only knows the art behind great seafood, they acknowledge the incredible value of sustainably caught, wild Alaskan salmon to the holistic health of the human body and to the environment. As stewards for sustainable practices, they are dedicated to maintaining its excellence as they continue to grow their business.

Commercial fishing is their love and livelihood, but their passion is sharing it with you. Thunder's Catch was just launched in August 2015 where the White and Berlin returned to Idaho after the 2015 season in Alaska, and popped-up-shop at three local farmers' markets, selling their season's Wild Alaskan catch. The response from their community and customers was overwhelmingly supportive and positive. Since then, they have grown to also sell wholesale to premium retail locations and fine-dining restaurants, caterers, and wineries throughout the country and overseas.

When co-founders White and Berlin are not fishing or fish-mongering, the couple can be found hiking in the mountains, skiing down them, or experimenting with new recipes for their artisan smoked products.

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Ground delivery available within the United States. Please contact Thunder's Catch for more information on minimum order requirements.

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Chinook Salmon
(king salmon, spring salmon)


Alaska, USA
Sockeye Salmon
(red salmon, blueback, redfish)


Alaska, USA