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Northern Divine Aquafarms

Northern Divine Caviar is crafted by Northern Divine Aquafarms, Canada's only producer of farmed white sturgeon which provides high-quality, eco-friendly food products. In business since 1994, this land-based farm operation is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Canada, situated along the wooded shores of Porpoise Bay in Sechelt, British Columbia.

Once focused on producing coho salmon smolts, the company is now the only producer of white sturgeon in Canada. Overfishing has led to the collapse of fisheries that once supplied most of the world's caviar. Looking to diversify its operations, the company began rearing its first generation of white sturgeon in 2000. These fish now supply the growing market with a healthy, eco-friendly product that is helping ease the mounting pressure off wild stocks of sturgeon.


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Coho Salmon
(silver salmon, white salmon)


British Columbia, Canada
Contained Inland Tank
0 lbs
White Sturgeon
(Oregon sturgeon, Sacramento sturgeon)


British Columbia, Canada
Contained Inland Tank
0 lbs