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Sustainable Seafood Sales, LLC.

Sustainable Seafood Sales, LLC is a marketing and sales firm. Their job is to bring the seafood producer together with the seafood consumer. The company's goal is to promote healthy fisheries by using the wealth of information and research that has been compiled by the many universities and non-profits fighting to protect our oceans and inland waterways.

The company works hard to build awareness of small fisheries and new developing aquaculture operations who are doing the right thing and producing exceptional quality seafood with the blessing of Mother Nature (and King Neptune!).  

Whether you are buying for a major national retail chain or a corner bodega they want to be your guy on the wharf bringing you the best most sustainable products for your customers.

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Seafood Productssort descending Seafood Origin(s) Harvest Method(s) Sustainability Ratings/Scores Seafood Cert. Min. Order
Arctic Char
(char, common char, alpine trout, alpine char, sea trout)
100 lbs
Atlantic Cod
(scrod, scrod cod, rock cod)
100 lbs
(Scrod, Scrod Haddock)
100 lbs
Whiteleg Shrimp
(Pacific white shrimp)
100 lbs