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Sustainable Blue is a Canadian producer of both exotic and native species of fish, situated close to The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. It uses world leading aquaculture technology, designed in-house, in the operation of land based recirculation fish farms. It is committed to product quality, environmental responsibility and commercial success through technological excellence.

Sustainable Blue fish live in the same crystal clear, blue water you expect to see in the open ocean. The fish are in excellent condition and this is largely because they live in an optimal environment. Not only is the water clear, but state-of-the-art control systems make sure it mimics the fish's preferred conditions. Farming sustainably does not mean compromising on quality.

  • Sustainable Blue farms have no impact on their local marine environment.
  • Sustainable Blue farms are disease-free farms.
  • There is no risk to local wild stocks from the farms.
  • Sustainable Blue fish are drug and chemical free.
  • Sustainable Blue will always be looking to the future and towards improvement. 



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Arctic Char
(char, common char, alpine trout, alpine char, sea trout)


Ontario, Canada
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