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Sun Shrimp

Sun Shrimp is a closed-containment shrimp farm located in Florida and founded in 2013.  Sun Shrimp are cultivated using all natural and sustainable processes. Their shrimp are available year round and can be delivered fresh nationwide within 24 hours after harvest.  They are not subject to pollutants or growing red tides, gulf spills, or international upheaval. Sun Shrimp are 100% US based and available fresh year round.

At harvest, Sun Shrimp are immediately dipped in an ice slurry that will quickly preserve them. They arrive at the packing plant within minutes where they are washed, graded and packed so they can be shipped to our customers literally within a couple of hours after harvest. No chemicals, antibiotics or preservatives are ever used or needed.

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Overnight delivery available via air freight in the United States.  Truck delivery available for larger orders on the US East Coast.

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Whiteleg Shrimp
(Pacific white shrimp)


Florida, USA
Contained Recirculating System
10 lbs