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Founded in 2013, Set & Drift is an oyster farm located in Seattle, Washington, on the east side of the remarkably wild Toandos Peninsula. After years at sea working as deck officers aboard oceanographic and research vessels, the name Set & Drift pays homage to the owner’s maritime past and the currents that make their oysters so delicious.

Set & Drift’s farm is located just a few miles south of the entrance to Washington State’s Hood Canal, where their oysters thrive on the twice-daily flow of fresh ocean water from Admiralty Inlet, and the ebb of mineral-rich water originating from the Olympic Mountains. The hydrology produces sweet, crisp oysters with vibrantly colored shells. Their unique growing method results in a clean and deep-cupped shell.

With their marine biology backgrounds, the owners have an appreciation and respect for the waters they farm in, and seek to operate in a way that works in tandem with nature. With their commitment to operating naturally, Set & Drift does not use any pesticides or chemicals on their oysters, and plant, tend, and harvest all their oysters by hand.

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Olympia Oysters


Washington, USA
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Pacific Oysters
(Japanese oyster)


Washington, USA
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