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Sea Watch International, Ltd.
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Sea Watch International was founded in Milford, DE in 1978. Sea Watch built their foundation with high-quality products utilizing offshore clams. Recognizing the value of diversification and branded identity, Sea Watch expanded several times by purchasing brands and companies with equally esteemed reputations. After a period of foreign ownership, Sea Watch was purchased by the group known as Truex, Meyers, Truex, and the Sea Watch management team. The Truex, Meyers, Truex Group brought to the company the strongest clamming fleet in the industry, which ensured a long-term consistent supply. Two acquisitions in 2005 and 2006 further strengthened Sea Watch's position. The addition of a broader customer base, and even more harvesting power and valuable resource ownership, has made Sea Watch a true force in the seafood industry. Sea Watch, led by president and partner, Bob Brennan is committed to marketing the value of the US domestic clam resource to the world.

Recognized as the largest harvester and processor of clam products in the world. All of their clams are harvested in US fishing waters under US Federal regulations. Over the past 28 years Sea Watch has taken their place as the leader in the offshore clam industry.


Sea Watch operates 34 vessels to harvest the largest offshore clam allocation in the industry, which is processed at 4 state of the art plants in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Massachusetts.


Sea Watch offers an extensive line of frozen and canned clam products including: clam chowder, clam strips, clam nuggets, clam sauces, chopped clams, clam juice, clam concentrates. Other specialty seafood products such as crab cakes, calamari and shrimp are also available for co-pack.


The ownership of Sea Watch has an active role in the day-to-day operations of the company, working together with experienced personnel in every department.

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Atlantic Surf Clams
(sea clam, bar clam, hen clan)


Massachusetts, USA
New Jersey, USA
100 lbs
Ocean Quahog Clams
(hard clam, black clam)


Massachusetts, USA
New Jersey, USA
100 lbs