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Founded by Swiss entrepreneur Rudi Lamprecht in 1988, Regal Springs is the largest vertically integrated aquaculture company in the world. The company runs state-of-the-art fish farms in Indonesia, Honduras and Mexico and is committed to producing premium all-natural tilapia while building communities. 

All Regal Springs tilapia are raised in large floating nets in pristine deep-water lakes, resulting in the finest all-natural tilapia on the market. Regal Springs’ tilapia are fed high-quality grains and swim against lake currents to produce firm, clean-tasting fish, free from chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics and carbon monoxide (a common preservative used in seafood). By raising its fish in natural environments, Regal Springs can ensure that its tilapia tastes better and is better for customers. 

Healthy Fish Start with Healthy People: Regal Springs invests more than $2 million dollars back into its farming communities each year to promote a high quality of life where its people live and work. Regal Springs has built or funded medical clinics, schools, housing and roads in each of the countries where it farms. The company provides strong wages, healthcare, life insurance and free childhood and adult education for its employees and their families in countries where such basic needs often go unmet.

No Waste: Committed to corporate and environmental stewardship at all levels, Regal Springs has a zero -waste policy. The fillets represent 35 percent of each fish. The remaining 65 percent is made up of the fish frame, guts, skin and scales. These parts are sold for, among other things, the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fashion applications, biodiesel production and animal feed. 

The following organizations verify that Regal Springs raises and prepares its fish adhering to the highest international standards:

  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council 
  • British Retail Consortium 
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance: Best Aquaculture Practices 
  • Surefish: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Food Safety System 
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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