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Red Lake Nation Fishery
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Red Lake Nation Fishery has been providing freshwater walleye to America since 1919. Their business started during the First World War to bring a healthy food supply to American troops, and again in World War II. In 1929, the fishery was in full operation by the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe, and distributed all over the United States. Red Lake Walleye became world famous.

As Native Americans, they have a strong connection to traditions, respecting nature's waters and foods from the Earth. The use of these teachings have been part of their everyday lives for generations. Red Lake Nation Fishery's wild fish products share more than an amazing taste of where their people came from. They illustrate to the buyer Native American culture by teaching their ways of balance and harmony through sustainable practices.

Owned and operated by the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe, the company uses their knowledge of the Red Lakes to the customer's advantage. Their fish products are wild caught by tribal fishermen using the wisdom passed down from their elders to harvest in a sustainable manner. Red Lake Nation Fishery understands the benefits of natural foods, and includes that value into the preparation of their hand-filleted fish.

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