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Plaza Aquafarms is a leading importer, farmer, wholesaler, and distributor of sturgeon caviar located in Wilton, California. Founded in 1989, Plaza Aquafarms, and the Pacific Plaza Imports brand, prides itself on offering an alternative to wild, chemically dosed, farm-raised sturgeon caviar. By investing in domestic, sustainable farming methods, Plaza Aquafarms has been able to alleviate the demand for imported caviars thereby ensuring an abundant and consistent supply of caviar for generations to come. In addition to their commitment to offering a quality product, their mission has also been to educate consumers on sustainably farmed caviar with the hopes to help change the paradigm of how America's professional and amateur chefs perceive and eat caviar.

Recognized as a world leader in sustainable sturgeon production, Plaza Aquafarms has become its own micro-ecosystem. Using proprietary tank-farming techniques, their aquafarm is able to recycle all of its water after passing it through natural aquifers - a five acre hydroponic pond on site. This whole process is designed to clean and recharge the waters so that their fish can swim in pristine and mineral rich waters. Naturally filtered water also ensures that there is virtually no mercury, residual pesticides, pollutants or chemicals found in their waters.

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White Sturgeon
(Oregon sturgeon, Sacramento sturgeon)


California, USA
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