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Platina Seafood is a Norwegian seafood company headquartered in Stranda, Norway. Opened in 2011 by André Skarbø, a 25 year veteran of the seafood industry, Platina Seafood has since grown and expanded with additional offices opening in Miami, Florida. With a main focus on farm-raised Atlantic salmon, Platina Seafood offers a wide selection of seafood products from Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Chile.

While salmon is Platina Seafood's primary focus, they also carry a number of other items including Atlantic cod and steelhead trout. Products are available year round, both fresh and frozen, and include value added items including smoked Atlantic salmon. Platina Seafood's main office in Norway specializes in supplying raw fish products to processors, as well as creating their own line of value added items. In addition to their facilities in Norway and Miami, the owners of Platina also own a salmon farm in Denmark where they source their Atlantic Sapphire salmon. All seafood that Platina Seafood packs under their Atlantic Sapphire brand is sourced responsibly from start to finish. 

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Seafood Productssort descending Seafood Origin(s) Harvest Method(s) Sustainability Ratings/Scores Seafood Cert. Min. Order
Atlantic Cod
(scrod, scrod cod, rock cod)


Barents Sea, Norway
North Sea, Norway
Norwegian Sea, Norway
Hook & Line
10 lbs
Atlantic Salmon
(sea salmon, black salmon)


Unspecified, Denmark
RAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System
10 lbs
Steelhead Trout
(rainbow trout)


Unspecified, Chile


Unspecified, Iceland


Unspecified, Norway
Submersible Net Pen
10 lbs