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Pearlmark Foods Inc.
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Pearlmark Foods, established in 1985 in Montreal, is a primary producer of Atlantic Canadian fresh frozen fish and seafood, as well as an importer and exporter of frozen seafood from around the globe. In North America they sell to wholesalers, food service distributors, supermarkets and restaurant chains. Their values lie in product quality and traceability, quality, environmental consciousness and sustainability, long-term relationships with both partners and clients, and research and product development. Pearlmark sources 100% traceable seafood from responsible fishermen who advocate for the long-term sustainability of resources and the environment. The seafood is flash-frozen at sea, ensuring long-lasting freshness, and processed at their HACCP certified and CFIA certified facilities around the world.

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(Scrod, Scrod Haddock)


Nova Scotia, Canada
Bottom Trawl
1500 lbs