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New York Oyster Company

The Northrop family planted seed stock in an 83 acre tidal pond in Westport, Connecticut, called the Sherwood Mill Pond. At the very center of this pond was Hummock Island. Seed from the pond was transferred to deeper beds known as “grow out” beds where it aged to maturity. Even back then the Northrop family knew that their beds were only as good as what was planted on them, and that they could not rely on natural “set” to guarantee a steady crop of oysters and clams. Thus Westport Aquaculture was born over 150 years ago in the Northeast, the practice of cultivating oysters and clams from transplanted seed stock. They learned long ago that sustainability and renewability required good stewardship of both the resources and the environment. This has been their practice since 1857. Today they ship their oysters, clams, and lobster directly to five star restaurants from New York to Tokyo. They offer the freshest product in a sustainable and renewable way.

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Delivery available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Overnight delivery available via UPS.

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Eastern Oysters
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