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McAleney's New Meadows Lobster was founded in 1952. Since then, the company has grown from supplying a few local restaurants and supermarkets to become one of the largest lobster distributors in Maine. New Meadows Lobster supplies northern New England's largest supermarket chain and fine restaurants all over the country. New Meadows Lobster is owned by Peter and Kathleen McAleney. Their full time employees have been with the company for over fifteen years. The loyalty that their employees have shown them is the same loyalty they show to their customers. The McAleney family has had a presence on the Portland, Maine, waterfront for over 125 years, and they plan to maintain that presence for a long time to come. Peter McAleney was recently elected as the President of the Maine Lobster Dealers Association, and he and his staff have been deeply involved in issues involving maintaining the lobster population for future generations. New Meadows Lobster is a family business that strives to provide only the best and freshest Maine lobster to its customers.

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