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Ian Bryce is the skipper of his family's fishing vessel, the NERKA#1, and the owner of Natural Gift Seafoods. They fish for albacore tuna on the North Pacific Ocean, offshore from California to the Queen Charlotte Islands. A few years ago Ian realized that little or no North Pacific albacore tuna was available locally on Vancouver Island. It was all going to sushi restaurants or to markets overseas. The company then began to develop and sell the line of products they are proud to currently offer. They use only premium quality albacore tuna for all their products. All of the company's products are processed and packaged in Canadian government HAACP inspected and approved facilities.

The company is as proud of their fish as they are of their fishery. The fish caught are young, healthy, and rich in Omega 3. The North Pacific Albacore fishery is one of the greenest and cleanest in the world. With all the bad news about depleted fish stocks, destructive and energy- intensive commercial fishing methods we are proud to be part of a fishery that is well managed and sustainable. The albacore jig fishery produces almost zero bycatch. The albacore tuna caught by Natural Gift Seafoods are surface feeders, and will come up from as deep as 70 meters to take a jig. Once hooked, the fish are brought in to the boat, stunned, bled, thoroughly washed. The fish are immediately put on freezer plates in the hold, where they are quickly frozen to -30 C. Fast freezing and extremely cold temperatures ensure that the fish maintains its high quality from the moment it's caught until it's served. 

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Albacore Tuna
(longfinned tuna, tombo)


British Columbia, Canada


California, USA
Oregon, USA
Washington, USA
0 lbs
Chinook Salmon
(king salmon, spring salmon)


BC - North Coast, Canada
BC - Vancouver Island, Canada
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