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Money Island Seafood
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Money Island Seafood is a small company operating out of New Jersey on the Delaware Bay. In 2012, the company was licensed by the State of New Jersey for soft shell crab aquaculture and it is now expanding into other seafood products. 

Money Island Seafood is an unincorporated cooperative of Nantuxent Corporation - a young venture capital firm transforming local dock-to-table seafood, creating opportunities that bring together old and new technologies with the investment capital and business support needed to reinvent local sustainable aquaculture and fisheries.

The Nantuxent watershed in the middle bay region of New Jersey is known for its productive oyster beds and hosts the state of New Jersey’s second largest seafood landing port at Money Island, NJ. Nantuxent Corporation makes strategic investments in coordination with other commercial, governmental and nonprofit investors to accelerate the transformation of this region into a leading aquaculture hub in this expanding industry.

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Blue Crab
(hardshell crab, softshell crab)


New Jersey, USA
5 lbs
(seatrout, gray trout, saltwater trout)


New Jersey, USA
5 lbs
White Perch


New Jersey, USA
5 lbs