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The Artesmar® program engages with community-based coastal fisheries in five locations around the Philippines. The fishery improvement process focuses on awareness creation, capacity building and empowerment of fishery stakeholders, communities and local authorities as the basis for future co-management models that encompass municipal fisheries in the Philippines. Key areas of improvement are the registration and licensing of vessels, the implementation of a catch documentation scheme and the establishment of a consistent process of data gathering in order to establish resource access rights and informed fishery management decisions.

Additionally, Artesmar® provides technical coaching and training for fishermen and tuna traders for improved tuna handling and food safety practices, assuring consistent quality of tuna products and value for participating seafood businesses. The improvement of the primary landing value for yellowfin tuna through better catching and post harvest practices and the local taxation of resource access rights through licensing are key components of the value chain promotion to secure livelihoods in the participating coastal fishing communities.

Their self managed facilites in the Philippines are HACCP and NSF Certified and the program is compliant with UL social standards.



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