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Mazzetta Company, LLC.
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Mazzetta Company, LLC is a fully integrated processor and importer of shrimp, mussels, lobsters, and finfish. Founded in 1987 by Tom Mazzetta, Mazzetta Company is a family business at heart and takes pride in providing their customers with premium quality frozen seafood. 

Mazzetta Company supplies over 40 different species of frozen seafood as well as over 300 varieties and specifications of products. Over the years, the company has continued to expand their inventory and storage capacity – with multiple, state-of-the-art cold storage facilities located throughout New Hampshire. With the facilities and resources in place, Mazzetta Company currently exports and imports products to over 30 different countries. 

In addition to importing a number of quality seafood brands, Mazzetta Company markets their own SEAMAZZ® label. The SEAMAZZ® product line includes a variety of crab, lobster, shrimp, and other seafood products and has become synonymous with the finest seafood products. 10 years after the introduction of their SEAMAZZ® brand, Mazzetta Company released SEAMAZZ Prime™. All SEAMAZZ Prime™ products are all-natural, chemical-free, and adhere to strict processing specifications. 

Mazzetta Company recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of today without compromising those of future generations. With this aim, Mazzetta Company is committed to being a global leader on sustainability. The company is heavily involved with international fisheries policy, marine conservation, and in meeting industry standards and certifications. Mazzetta Company regularly conducts corporate inspections as well as third-party audits of their suppliers to ensure they are meeting the company’s high standards. Due to their relentless pursuit to achieve greater efficiencies and mitigate impacts throughout the distribution chain, Mazzetta Company will continue to work on being a global leader on seafood sustainability. 

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Distribution Notes

Delivery available via refrigerated truck in the United States and Canada. Export services available worldwide via ocean freight.  Product ships out of cold storage facilities in New Hampshire. 

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Seafood Productssort descending Seafood Origin(s) Harvest Method(s) Sustainability Ratings/Scores Seafood Cert. Min. Order
American Lobster


Nova Scotia, Canada
3000 lbs
Antarctic Toothfish


Unspecified, Chile

New Zealand

Unspecified, New Zealand
Bottom Longline
3000 lbs
Atlantic Cod
(scrod, scrod cod, rock cod)


Barents Sea, Norway
North Sea, Norway
Norwegian Sea, Norway
Trap Net
3000 lbs
Atlantic Salmon
(sea salmon, black salmon)
3000 lbs
Giant Tiger Prawn
(black tiger shrimp )
Flow-Through System
3000 lbs
New Zealand Hoki
(whiting, New Zealand hake, blue hake, blue grenadier, blue hake)
3000 lbs
Patagonian Toothfish
(Chilean seabass, mero, icefish, antarctic cod)
3000 lbs
Snow Crab
(queen crab)


Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada
3000 lbs
Tristan Rock Lobster

United Kingdom

Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom
3000 lbs
Whiteleg Shrimp
(Pacific white shrimp)
Infrequent Exchange System
3000 lbs