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Maple Ridge Farm and Fishery

Maple Ridge Farm and Fishery is owned by Jeremy and Tracy Ames, who have been lobstering and scallop harvesting for 13 years. Working in the fishing industry they have become stewards in the mission of sustainable fisheries. Jeremy fishes out of a smaller boat, a 37-foot Repco and chooses a smaller drag than most boats that is 5 ½ foot. He also employed scallop ring sizes changes prior to the regulation changes because he saw a need to preserve the resource as well as modifying his drag to limit bycatch. Jeremy uses oak lobster trap runners to prevent the deterioration of the ocean bottom, increased trap vent size to allow smaller lobsters to get out faster, and biodegradable fasteners which break a panel free, letting everything escape in the unfortunate event of lost gear.

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Delivery available in Androscoggin and Cumberland counties, self pick-up available from further locations

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American Lobster


Maine, USA
20 lbs
Sea Scallops
(giant scallop, scallop,)


Maine, USA
0 lbs