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Maison BeauSoleil oysters grow in New Brunswick on Canada's east coast. Here in the Gulf of St. Lawrence the waters are cool, clear, clean and ideal for raising Crassostrea virginica. New Brunswick also happens to be the extreme northern limit of this oyster's natural habitat. This means that BeauSoleil oysters taste fabulous all year long - clean and salty sweet with a smoky aftertaste. BeauSoleil oysters are cultivated in small floating bags that suspend the oysters just under the ocean surface. There's lots of checking and culling, but essentially they let nature do what nature does best. Gently rolling waves, consistent oxygen levels and steady flow of natural nutrients work their magic and in three or five years they are harvested and packed by hand, cup-side down to preserve the flavour and moisture level until they arrive at your local seafood retailer - a clean oyster with a high meat yield and unique, delicate taste.

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Truck delivery available on US and Canadian East Coast. Air freight available on US and Canadian West Coast.

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Eastern Oysters
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New Brunswick, Canada
350 lbs