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Committed to creating good food that’s good for both you and the planet, LoveTheWild is on a mission to preserve our waterways through responsible aquaculture. Started in 2014, co-founders Jacqueline Claudia and Christy Brouker recognized the need for convenient, high-quality, delicious seafood from trustworthy facilities. The Boulder-based brand offers sustainably-sourced seafood paired with bold sauces and fool-proof cooking instructions inspired by the classic French culinary technique en papillote. Sourced from the most well-managed facilities in the world, Jacqueline and Christy carefully hand-select the farms from which all LoveTheWild seafood is derived. Using only natural, clean ingredients and pure filets, entrees may be cooked from frozen in less than 25 minutes and feature bold, artisanal regional recipes that complement the fish’s unique taste, texture, and origin. LoveTheWild is currently available in four varieties:

  • Barramundi with Mango Sriracha Chutney,
  • Catfish with Cajun Creme,
  • Rainbow Trout with Salsa Verde
  • Striped Bass with Roasted Pepper Almond Sauce
  • Products are sold at major retailers across the U.S., including Wegmans, Sprouts, and Whole Foods.
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Product available throughout the continental United States, please contact for details.

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(giant perch, asian seabass, palmer, nairfish)


Unspecified, Vietnam
Submersible Net Pen
Channel Catfish


Alabama, USA
North Carolina, USA
Rainbow Trout
(steelhead, silver trout)


Ontario, Canada


Idaho, USA
Concrete Raceways
Submersible Net Pen
0 lbs
Striped Bass
(bass, rockfish, striper, linesides)


Unspecified, Mexico
Submersible Net Pen
0 lbs