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Sean Brady didn't intend to revive the defunct trout farm when he purchased property on 3rd Sideroad in Kolapore. He was looking to build a log home, kick back and enjoy the scenery. But when Bruce Green, active member of the Georgian Triangle Anglers Association, informed him of the potential of the fish farm, his interest was piqued. Together, Sean and Bruce came up with a business plan, and by the end of May 2009 the trout farm was back in action after sitting unused for two years.

Kolapore Springs Fishery is located in the Kolapore uplands of southern Ontario, Canada, in one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. An untouched environment, their trout farm is spring-fed and a beautiful venue for events. The hatchery hosts fishing adventure tours from May through October, and special events throughout the year.  By utilizing concrete raceways, a continuous water flow-through system, water levels and quality are constantly maintained allowing for high-density cultures without detrimental consequences to the fish. Kolapore springs not only raises flavorful, high-quality trout, they also offer pond stocking services and helpful tips.
A part of the Ocean Wise initiative, the trout at Kolapore Springs Fishery are sustainably grown and harvested, ensuring little environmental impact.

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