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KAVA Farms was established in 2013 by the KAAPA Aqua Ventures Alliance (KAVA), and still retains some of the original shrimp farmers. Built in 1982, the farm itself is the longest continuously operating shrimp farm in the United States. The 850 acres hosts 25 shrimp ponds, as well as a hatchery where the larvae grow. The ponds are supplied by high salinity seawater from the bay, which is circulated through the system then back into the bay. With several processing facilities in the area, the shrimp can be processed and packed in almost any form. Traditionally, KAVA Farms has packed in 10/5 block or IQF 40# bulk, 20# bulk, 5# bag or 2# bag. They can also deliver fresh never frozen during harvest season - July through October. The vision of KAVA Farms is to be an innovative and progressive aquaculture venture, sustainably producing consumer-preferred seafood without any added antibiotics, hormones, or other chemicals.

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Whiteleg Shrimp
(Pacific white shrimp)


Texas, USA
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