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Kaua'i Shrimp

Surrounded by lush emerald cliffs and the crystal blue waters of Hawaii, Kaua’i Shrimp specializes in all-natural, farm-raised whiteleg shrimp. 

Kaua’i Shrimp raise their shrimp in pristine saltwater ponds using the most advanced, eco-friendly rearing practices. They use no preservatives, no sulfites, and no antibiotics in their farming practices — resulting in an all-natural, sweet tasting shrimp. All their shrimp are grown in growout ponds where naturally filtered ocean water is pumped in from wells drilled deep in Kaua’i’s porous volcanic rock. To further reduce their environmental footprint, their facility is almost exclusively powered by renewable hydroelectric power. 

To ensure maximum freshness, all their shrimp are flash frozen immediately after harvest. The fresh shrimp are then shipped the very same day. To capture the naturally sweet flavor of their shrimp, all shrimp are sold whole with the shell and head intact. This helps to retain the flavor that can normally leach out during industrial processing. To further ensure consistent, high-quality shrimp, all their shrimp are propagated in the company’s certified pathogen-free breeding facility.


Norpac Fisheries Export - Washington, USA
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FOB Kauai, Hawaii. Please contact Kauai Shrimp for logistical assistance. 

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Whiteleg Shrimp
(Pacific white shrimp)


Hawaii, USA
10 lbs