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J.M. Clayton Company

The J. M. Clayton Co is a 120 year old family owned and operated crab processing facility, processing wild caught blue crab primarily from the Chesapeake Bay region for the enjoyment of crab aficionados across the country. Like the old days, watermen still pull up to the docks at J. M. Claytons and sell their daily catches directly to the packing house where crabs are cooked, picked, processed, and packaged for shipping. Modern methods of processing, preparing, and refrigerating crabmeat allow it to remain fresh for days. The J. M. Clayton Company packages and ships approximately 30,000 pounds of crabs and crabmeat each day during peak season to retailers and restaurants, from April through November. Many are trucked fresh to the Western Shore of the Bay, others are packed in ice and flown across country to aficionados yearning for the sweet taste of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs.

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Blue Crab
(hardshell crab, softshell crab)


Maryland, USA
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