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International Oceanic Enterprises, Inc.
Fisher, Processor

International Oceanic Enterprises has been in business since 1979. I.O.E. started as a small fish unloading dock and now is a major sourcing company for all sorts of domestic shrimp products.

The company is located in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. Their facility is located on the water where their boats offload directly into the plant. They are in direct communication with our supply. Some of their management and sales staff started out working on shrimp boats in the comany's fleet. These staff understand about a good quality raw product and maintaining that quality throughout the processing, storage, and shipping.

Quality right from the start leads to superior service and products. Master Marine brand products give your customers the quality they need and creates the brand loyalty that gives you repeat business. Their Quality Control Department watches the quality throughout the process. Their products uncompromising quality is backed by their guarantee that any unsatisfactory product will be replaced or refunded.

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