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Icy Waters Arctic Char

Icy Waters Ltd. is a land based aquaculture facility with a gravity fed flow-through design with streams and springs as its source. Through utilizing drum filters, settling ponds and wetlands, the operation removes particulate matter and effluent before returning the water to the natural wetlands downstream of our facility. On many occasions throughout the year, due to natural erosion, sediment levels entering the farm are higher than the level allowed to discharge, and as such the farm acts like a large filter for the watershed system.

Due to the actions of the mechanical and biological filters, Icy Waters is able to effectively and efficiently polish the water prior to discharge. Waste sludge from the treatment facilities is provided free of charge to terrestrial farmers for use on crops, while leftovers from processing are provided to dog mushers as a high oil food, or delivered to local compost facilities. In providing nutritious and year-round available food, Icy Waters Ltd. continues to strive to manage their footprint on shared and valued resources.


City Fish - Calgary, AB, Canada

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Arctic Char
(char, common char, alpine trout, alpine char, sea trout)


Yukon Territory, Canada
100 lbs