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Hollywood Oyster Company

Hollywood Oysters are grown in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay in St. Mary's County, Maryland - the home of the national oyster shucking championship. The waters in Hollywood, Maryland grow an oyster that will be a favorite with customers. No introduced feeds, antibiotics, or hormones are used - it's all about the oyster! Oysters are grown at the mouth of a creek surrounded by over two thousand acres of protected park land. Micro-environmental biodiversity is created in the same creek as the implementation of oyster beds.

The merroir of the Hollywood Oyster is medium salinity, accenting the taste of the crisp, plump meat with smooth hints of cucumber finish. Customers are encouraged to try the recipes and sauces offered by Hollywood Oyster Company, as well as to share their own. The company will publish their favorites. Hollywood Oysters can be enjoyed year round.

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Truck and overnight delivery available in North America, global export services available. 50 oysters minimum order.

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Eastern Oysters
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Maryland, USA
Off-Bottom Culture
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