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Healthy Earth - Sarasota
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Healthy Earth - Sarasota is a seafood company based in Sarasota, Florida specializing in top-quality caviar. Their Black Opal Caviar utilizes innovative science to produce caviar via sustainable aquaculture processes designed and perfected at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium's Aquaculture Park in Sarasota, Florida. Caviar from Healthy Earth - Sarasota is available in amounts varying from one ounce jars to one kilo tins, and is available at select specialty retailers.

Black Opal Caviar from Healthy Earth - Sarasota is hatched, raised, harvested, and processed at the Mote Aquaculture Park. Quality is of the utmost importance, and with that in mind, all caviar is “virgin-packed,” with just one fish to a tin, and is never blended or mixed with caviar from other sources. The result is caviar that features a hint of briny sweetness making it one of many reasons why some aficionados believe that black sturgeon caviar is one of the single best foods in the whole world.

Creating a truly natural caviar, Healthy Earth - Sarasota never uses antibiotics, growth hormones, or synthetic preservatives. Continuing in their efforts to be sustainable, Healthy Earth - Sarasota and the Mote Aquaculture Park take measures to conserve water through recirculating aquaculture systems, while also finding innovative ways to protect the threatened sturgeon population. Using land-based aquaculture to produce black caviar, Healthy Earth - Sarasota has been able to successfully create a product that once was only able to be collected in the wild.

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Delivery available in the US and Canada. Contact Healthy Earth for all distribution options.

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