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Based in Sarasota, Florida, Healthy Earth - Cortez aims to reinvigorate the Florida Gulf Coast seafood industry and environment with its line of sustainably-caught products. Healthy Earth - Cortez specializes in bottarga – the tangy traditional Mediterranean treat of sun-cured striped mullet roe caught by local fishermen in the Cortez fishing village.

Cortez is world-renowned for producing the highest quality mullet roe. Recognizing the international demand for bottarga, Healthy Earth - Cortez partnered with local fisherman and entrepreneur, Seth Cripe, to help market bottarga to customers throughout the United States and the world. Today, their bottarga is sold to retailers, individual consumers, high-end chefs, and top-tier restaurants seeking ocean-friendly, sustainable, traceable, and responsibly harvested seafood. 

What makes Healthy Earth - Cortez unique is its closed-loop production operation that allows them to produce premium products with minimal waste. In the future, Healthy Earth - Cortez plans on building a commercial, multi-purpose seafood processing plant alongside a commercial-scale feed manufacturing facility. These upcoming changes will create new jobs while preserving the heritage of the Cortez fishing village.

Working with local fishermen and processors, Healthy Earth Cortez recently completed a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) assessment to improve the state of the Gulf Coast mullet fishery. Additionally, MRAG Americas, a third-party conformity assessment body, is currently performing a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) pre-assessment in order to move their striped mullet toward full-MSC certification.


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