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Haring's Pride was started and continues to this day as a self sustaining family run business. It all started in 1954 when Pete Haring moved to Sicily Island , LA and bought a gas station where he sold the minnows he collected locally. In 1956 he became the first person to raise minnows commercially. In the early 1960's Pete Haring hatched his first crop of catfish. Today, Haring's Pride processes over 300,000 pounds of catfish a week, and provide customers with a variety of catfish recipes and preparation ideas to accent their product. The company also owns its own feed mill where they grow grains for their specialized high-protein feed. Haring’s Pride is well accomplished in the catfish industry, having won multiple awards including Louisiana Catfish Farmer of the Year, Catfish Farmers of America Award of Excellence, and the Small Business Person of the Year award by the US Small Business Administration.

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