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Knoep Nieuwkerk has been fishing since 1996. His boat, the Hanna Jo, is a 38' Novi boat and fishes out of Government Wharf on the Kennebunk River in Maine. It's a family operation: Knoep is on the water year round, his wife, Lucinda, delivers the catch from the dock each morning to Portland. The Hannah Jo delivers fish the morning after it's caught. Day fish is always fresher, sweet smelling and delicious, which is often the first pick at the Portland Fish Exchange. Knoep believes the way to fish sustainably is to catch a variety of fish. Knoep fishes to order, never catching more fish than he can sell. This way he's not taking more fish from the sea than he knows he has buyers for.

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Small orders delivered within 15-20 miles, otherwise self pick-up.