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Florida Fresh Stone Crab
Fisher, Processor

Florida Fresh Stone Crab is a family owned and operated business in the Tampa Bay area. Charlie Raines has a total of 20 years experience in the stone crab industry and is at the docks daily to buy for their customers. He started off as a commercial stone crab fisherman for his first three seasons and is highly trained at finding and inspecting seafood. He then spent seven seasons as a processor and now sources seafood products of the highest quality on the market. He is personally invested in the quality of their seafood and has known the fishermen he sources from for many years Charlie has all the right connections in the industry. He can also provide hints such as upcoming seafood price changes and weather conditions that affect the catching ability of the local fishermen. With his past experience he is able to provide a perfect balance of quality, dependable supply, and fair prices. All seafood is pre-ordered, so the company never has excess stock waiting in a warehouse and potentially spoiling. For this reason, it is recommend that you place your order 3-4 days ahead of time so that it arrives at your doorstep when you need it. If a customer has a standing order, it is purchased and shipped the same day as soon as it becomes available. This way you never purchase seafood that has been in a cooler for multiple days. This is the main reason to buy from Florida fresh Stone Crab; they know how to identify quality and select only the best.

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Free truck delivery available within a 100 mile radius of St. Petersberg, Florida. Common carrier delivery available nationwide, overnight delivery and air freight via UPS and FedEx available as well.