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Dairyland Shrimp, LLC.

Dairyland Shrimp, LLC. is a family owned business that farms Pacific white shrimp in the middle of America’s Dairyland. Their shrimp are the freshest and cleanest salt water shrimp customers can get! They guarantee a live, healthy, ethically raised shrimp without added hormones, antibiotics, coloring, or chemicals. Dairyland also provides interesting recipes that emphasize the quality and flavors of their shrimp.

The shrimp are sustainably farmed in an indoor facility using an environmentally-friendly biofloc process. Biofloc shrimp farming facilitates a bacterial community that break down nitrogenous wastes and turn them into high-protein feed for the shrimp. This stabilizes water quality and encourages rapid shrimp growth. Any excess organic waste is filtered out, and water is then recirculated throughout the system. Daily water testing, quality control assessments, and data recording and analysis ensures the cleanest living conditions for Dairyland Shrimp LLC’s shrimp, and the freshest product for their customers.

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Pick-up and delivery available in Wisconsin via Diaryland Shrimp. Pleast contact for delivery outside of this area.

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Whiteleg Shrimp
(Pacific white shrimp)


Wisconsin, USA
Contained Inland Tank
1 lbs