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Community Seafood LLC was founded in 2014 by Sarah Rathbone. Sarah came to Santa Barbara to study fisheries at UCSB’s Marine Science Institute and ended up working in the fishing industry itself. After a season on a lobster and crab boat, she decided to bring local crab to the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market and began running Community Seafood. The company works together with local fishermen to deliver fresh seafood to their members, who join the program by purchasing a share for a season. Memberships are customizable, from order to pick-up location.  Because the distance the products travel and its carbon footprint is greatly reduced by being local, the environment benefits. They provide recipes and tips for preparing the seafood they offer.

California has some of the strictest fishing regulations, and oversight is stringent. Between the marine protected areas, and adopted fishing techniques, interaction with marine mammals and bycatch is highly limited, and there is no large-scale overexploitation of species. The fishermen get better prices by selling their seafood locally, and are able to fish selectively, ultimately leading to lighter resource use, giving them a more sustainable seafood market to work with. The fishers are small boat fishermen, running their own processing facility, which means that they are able to maintain the quality and consistency of their product unlike large commercial fleets. By keeping all costs community-based, the local economy prospers. Transparency is also easier to maintain in a local market - members will always know what they are eating, where and who it came from, and how it was caught.

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Pick-up available in the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Delivery available via Community Seafood in the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas, please contact Community Seafood for details.