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COMMUNITY FISH™ was developed in 2010 by Stonington, Maine based non-profit Penobscot East. Part of Penobscot East's mission is to secure a future for the fishing communities of eastern Maine by working to diversify the fisheries, to provide good alternatives to lobstering. Penobscot East developed COMMUNITY FISH™ as a way to market local hook-caught groundfish from their Sentinel Survey Fishery.

In 2012, they expanded the COMMUNITY FISH™ brand as a way for current groundfish fishermen to explore increasing profitability through traceability. Members of the Northeast Coastal Communities Sector as well as fishermen participating in the Sentinel Survey Fishery are selling catch under the COMMUNITY FISH™ brand. Each landed fish is tagged with the COMMUNITY FISH™ logo and a QR-Code. Consumers can "Meet their Fishermen" by scanning the code with their smart-phone's QR-Code reader and learn who caught their fish, where, and how!

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All species sold under this brand are distributed to local restaurants and other supply chains by established registered dealers such as Port Clyde Fresh Catch and the Portland Fish Exchange.

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