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Clear Springs Foods, Inc

Based in Idaho's Magic Valley, Clear Springs Foods is the world's largest trout farm, raising more than 20 million pounds of rainbow trout each year. Vertically integrated, Clear Springs manufactures its own feed and funds a substantial research and development department to discover suitable plant-based proteins and diminish the need for fish meal. The company has pioneered the introduction of a growing range of value-added rainbow products, including Clear Cuts boneless fillets. They also power Fresh Fish Kitchen, an online resource providing sustainable seafood recipes specifically catered to trout.

Clear Springs Foods, Inc. is proactive in maintaining sustainability both at their company and within Idaho. They manage their waste stream through the manufacturing of an organic liquid fertilizer to supplement animal food production, and have implemented an improvement program to reduce their environmental footprint. Their plant facilities are regularly inspected by the US Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Labor, and third party auditors to ensure food safety, product quality, and employee safety and fair treatment. Effluent water from the farms and processing plant at Clear Springs Foods, Inc. falls under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits, monitored by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and EPA, that set specific waste discharge requirements.


Sam Rust Seafood - Virginia, USA

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Rainbow Trout
(steelhead, silver trout)


Idaho, USA
500 lbs