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Clear Ocean Seafood Ltd.
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Clear Ocean Seafood Ltd. is a frozen scallop supplier based in Richmond, British Columbia. Involved in the supply chain from manufacturing and importing, to exporting and wholesale, Clear Ocean Seafood is able to ensure their customers the utmost attention to detail in delivering a quality product every step of the way.

As an Ocean Wise Sustainability Partner, Clear Ocean Seafood is committed to providing sustainably sourced scallops, along with a commitment to educating and empowering their customers about issues surrounding sustainability. All their products additionally meet and exceed the specifications defined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and BRC standards. By having in-house packing, Clear Ocean Seafood is able to maintain the highest quality facility and products, and avoid product deterioration through immediate action. That quality extends from their seafood to their packaging, which is fully customizable for clients wishing to strengthen their market value.

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Delivery arranged per customer's needs. Please contact Clear Ocean Seafood for all other delivery and distribution inquiries.

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Common Japanese Scallops
(Hokkaido scallop)


Unspecified, China


Unspecified, Japan
0 lbs
Sea Scallops
(giant scallop, scallop,)


Massachusetts, USA
0 lbs