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Chesapeake Bay Packing, L.L.C. is a fast growing United States seafood packer and primary processor of high quality fresh and frozen seafood products available for domestic and worldwide distribution. With shoreside processing facilities located in Newport News, VA , the company harvests and processes a wide variety of shellfish and finfish caught off the Northeast Coast of the United States. Their scallops are caught in the cold, clear waters of the north Atlantic, producing the highest quality wild-caught sea scallops. The company also supplies fresh north Atlantic sea scallops through their brand Just Caught Scallops. By purchasing from independent vessels both locally and globally, Chesapeake Bay Packing can provide scallop products year-round at competitive prices.

The HACCP and BRC certified processing facility is located on the waterfront, enabling Chesapeake Bay Packing to quickly harvest and prepare products for shipment. Using modernized fishing vessels, state-of-the-art processing, and an onsite distribution center, they are able to supply the freshest seafood products. The vertical integration allows consistency and control through the processing system, reflecting Chesapeake Bay Packing’s commitment to the highest standards of food safety, traceability, and quality assurance.

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Sea Scallops
(giant scallop, scallop,)


Virginia, USA
1500 lbs