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Calendar Islands Maine Lobster
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It was the spring of 2009, and lobstermen on Chebeague, a postage stamp of an island in Casco Bay off the coast of Maine, were in the boatyard getting ready to launch their boats for the new lobster fishing season. The conversation sounded much the same as it has for hundreds of years, speculations were offered as to the weather, favorite types of bait, and the size of the catch that the new season would bring. Only this time, the conversation took an unexpected turn. These Maine lobstermen decided to embark on a new and uncharacteristic venture. Their lobstermen have spent decades fishing the island-dotted waters of Casco Bay with the dedication and pride inherent to the hardy lobstermen of Maine. Casco Bay is a large inlet in the Gulf of Maine, famed for its fishing villages and gourmet cooking. But Calendar Islands pride does not end at the dock. Their gourmets have spent years exploring the range of ingredients that best compliment the unparalleled flavor of Maine lobster. This dedication has delivered dishes that build on the traditional gourmet selections Maine is famed for. Maines unique gourmet foodscape is among the most celebrated in the country.

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American Lobster


Maine, USA
1200 lbs