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Bright Future Farms, LLC

Established in 2016, Bright Future Farms, LLC is an aquaponics operation. The farms raise tilapia in a system that helped to grow lettuce at the outset. Since then, Bright Future Farms has been working to start growing basil, tomatoes, kale and cucumbers. The tilapia that are harvested from the system are placed in a purifying tank for four days. They are then bled out and frozen whole as per requirements of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

The farms strive to minimize and prevent contamination by maintaining a very clean and healthy environment for their fish and produce. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and forms are in place for record keeping and traceability. The fish are fed non-GMO food and all plant seeds are organic. No fertilizers, pesticides, additives or chemicals are used in their system.

Bright Future Farms is proud of its self-sustaining, soil-less aquaponics system where fish and plants help each other grow.

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Pick-up, or delivery via personal vehicle. Please contact Bright Future Farms, LLC for more information on delivery and distribution options.

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Nile Tilapia
(St. Peter's Fish)


Minnesota, USA
RAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System
5 lbs