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Boysie Destin Seafood
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Founded in 1965, Boysie Destin Seafood is a family owned importer, exporter and wholesaler of Caribbean lobsters, located in St. John’s, Antigua. What began as a small, two boat operation where live lobsters were bought straight from fishermen on the open sea, has since expanded to become one of the best-known lobster wholesalers in Antigua.

Dedicated to freshness, Boysie Destin sources all their lobster live, packaging them into leak-proof, temperature-sensitive coolers, and loading them onto planes to be distributed within three hours of catch. Being certified for airfreight further allows them ensure that their lobsters arrive to their destination by the fastest means possible in excellent condition.

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Spiny Lobster (Caribbean)
(rock lobster, Florida lobster)

Antigua and Barbuda

Unspecified, Antigua and Barbuda
265 lbs