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Blue Circle was founded in 2005 by William Cole, Steven Damato, Thomas Damato and Nora Povillon. Committed to sourcing sustainable seafood from around the globe, their approach is designed to change the fishing industry to provide seafood that is good for customers, good for the planet, and maintains its flavors and quality.

Working together with the Kvarøy fish farm, as well as feed companies BioMar and Whole Foods Market, Blue Circle created a fish feed that reduces both the environmental contaminants in farmed salmon and the use of marine resources for fish feed. Developed in Norway, the feed has led to the first farmed salmon with a 1-to-1 fish in, fish out ratio. They use trimmings from fish already caught for other purposes in order to increase sustainability and reduce waste.

Working only with family farmers in the Norwegian Arctic, and independent native fishermen from the Maldives who meet the highest international fishing practices standards, Blue Circle Foods salmon are raised in open-net deep ocean, low density pens, at a ratio of 2% fish to 98% water. This environment lowers stress on the fish, improves water flow, minimizes benthic impact, and reduces the chance of a disease outbreak. In order to keep their nets clean, Blue Circle Foods uses manual power washing and lumpsuckers, which are small cleaner fish that protect fish from sea lice and nets from algae. The fish are then harvested with no additional chemicals, hormones, or genetically modified ingredients. Blue Circle Foods offers full traceability on all of their products, as well as animal welfare and food safety, only offering high-quality, healthy, and delicious fish.

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Seafood Productssort descending Seafood Origin(s) Harvest Method(s) Sustainability Ratings/Scores Seafood Cert. Min. Order
Atlantic Cod
(scrod, scrod cod, rock cod)


Unspecified, Iceland
500 lbs
Atlantic Salmon
(sea salmon, black salmon)


Kvarøy and Selsøyvik Farms, Norway
Submersible Net Pen
10 lbs
Skipjack Tuna
(ocean bonito, aku)


Central, Maldives
500 lbs
Yellowfin Tuna


Unspecified, Australia


Central, Maldives
500 lbs